Are you planning to build a new residential property in Perth?

To ensure that you end up with a home that you will love, here are five questions you should ask a residential builder before contracting them to do the work.

1. Do you have the proper registrations, insurances and assurances?

When building a home, you only want to work with the most highly skilled professional to ensure an outstanding end result. When choosing a builder, you must ensure that they are registered and have never held any disputes with the building commission. You need to also check that they have the correct insurance cover to protect you from any financial loss you could incur should anything not go to plan during your build.

2. Who will be the building supervisor/my point of contact and how many other projects will you be working on concurrently?

When building your new home, consistency is key for the project to remain on track. Find out who your building supervisor and main point of contact will be throughout the entire building process. It is important to ensure continuity of service and supervision throughout your build. Ideally your building supervisor will not be overloaded with a portfolio of other properties at the same time. The more focus they are able to dedicate to your property, the less likely it will be for mistakes to be made or instructions not to be followed.

3. Can I view your most recently completed projects?

Ask to view some of their recently finished properties. Display homes will give you some idea of what you may be getting, but they are designed to sell. Viewing recently completed properties will provide you with a greater insight, as well as the opportunity to talk to previous clients about their experiences working with the builder.

4. What timeframe are we looking at?

It’s important to know when to expect things to be completed by requesting a schedule. Establish the building timeframe from the beginning, including the building maintenance period after delivery of your property, to ensure the progress made will meet deadlines.

5. Do you take on projects in my area regularly?

This might not seem like an important question, but residential builders sometimes hire external tradesmen to deliver a project if they do not work in the area. This could create an issue, as the tradesmen may not deliver the same standard of work you’ve contracted the builder for.

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