Being prominent business people, our clients wanted their luxury home design to reflect their aspirations and lifestyle. Since their block was situated on a dominating corner block overlooking the Marina, it was imperative to capture those stunning water views. To achieve this, we designed a home with reverse upstairs living coupled with extensive balconies for entertaining guests.

To grant access to the upper level, we put in a glass lift that was surrounded by a spectacular open staircase. This created a stunning entry statement contrasted with volume and light, evoking the feeling of spaciousness and luxury.

Guests were certainly not overlooked as provision for interstate and overseas visitors were catered for on the lower floor which was designed to be completely self-contained and separate, giving a sense of privacy and individual space, which is so important for those longer stays.

A spacious, well-appointed office was a definite requirement. This was to be located on the lower floor with windows at desk and work station height, allowing for glimpses of the ever-changing ocean to ensure a pleasant work environment and eliminate the feeling of being locked away.

A cool, understated elegance was achieved with a tasteful selection of fixtures and fittings resulting in a stylish, sophisticated home with a timeless edge to it. The elegant lobby with a glass lift to the upstairs living and kitchen area was not only practical but complimented the feel of space and volume.

Our clients were particularly pleased with our attention to detail during every part of the design and construct process, ensuring that even their smallest request was not overlooked and played a role in the design brief.

What we offer is to have your home individually or custom designed, which means we can include every item on your wish list and deliver a home that has presence and balance.

The pleasing aspect is that it costs no more to have your home custom designed. Our aim is to provide you with a one-of-a-kind, unique home that stands out from the crowd and will make you immensely proud for years to come.