Kelly & Dean had been going out to look at display homes for months and still could not find a design that suited their needs or appealed to their senses. When they did find something that almost came close to meeting some of their requirements, the costs that would have to be incurred to make minor changes were prohibitive, and even if they did go down this path then they still would not have ended up with the style of home they were seeking.

Fortunately, when they came to see the team at Design and Construct they discovered that we take a different approach with a process which involves us starting from scratch and taking down a comprehensive brief, listing all the clients’ preferences and must haves.

There were specific challenges with this project, as we were dealing with an awkwardly-shaped rear block. Most importantly, it had panoramic views of the ocean and so naturally we had to capture those views. Apart from locating the home to the highest level of the block, we designed it with the living areas upstairs. This gave the upper-floor kitchen and living areas wonderful views of the ocean, and we also managed to incorporate the master bedroom to benefit from that upper-floor private outlook.

Entertaining was an important requirement for this couple as well, so we designed a generous full-length oversized balcony off the living and kitchen area, which we were assured would be fully utilised on social occasions and casual get-togethers with their large circle of friends.

Generally, when it comes to upstairs living house plans, the ground floor consists of a combination of bedrooms and can be slightly neglected, but in this case we created a large informal multi-purpose living room opening onto a spacious patio with the pool beyond. You can read more about how we design for upside down living homes here.

The benefit of designing the home this way was that with growing children soon approaching their teenage years it would cater for a harmonious future environment where zoning and separation would play an important role.

A unique elevation of the home was always a priority for our clients and we like to provide a look that won’t date and will maintain its appeal for years to come.

Our clients were absolutely thrilled with the design of their home and the quality of finish, and said that it exceeded all their expectations.

But don’t just take it from us… here is how they described their experience of dealing with us in their own words:

“The house is coming along beautifully. We have had no issues and highly recommend their work. We are really glad we came across Tom and the team because I’m sure if we hadn’t our experience would be somewhat different to now. The house is also going to be finished earlier than expected.”