A Perry Lakes family-centred home with a special feature!

Our client’s wish to downsize from a very large home needed to strike a happy medium in that, still having interstate guests and visits from the grandchildren, they required a home that incorporated a separate guest suite and activity area for the children which could also double up for our clients as a relaxation area.

All these requirements were achieved with intelligent design and included a small solar heated swimming pool much to the delight of all.

Island Benches for functionality and impact!


At Design & Construct Residential, we are often asked about the placement of the working area in kitchens. One of the main decisions is where to locate the sink – should it be placed in an island bench or perhaps against a wall in close proximity to a hot plate?

This is a difficult one to answer as it really depends on the age group of the family and lifestyle. Visitors tend to cluster around an island bench and if you are entertainers and use that area as a conversation space, it’s not at all that desirable to have a sink in close proximity.

Conversely, if you have a young family, nothing is more convenient than having a sink close by particularly with children sitting up at a breakfast bar consuming their daily meals and making their customary mess.

Whatever your needs, we can design something amazing for you!