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Creative architecture and good design simply make your life better. Design & Construct Residential can create a home that fits you like a glove.

At Design & Construct Residential we believe that a home designed to a level of quality can make an incredible contribution to the way its residents go about their daily lives. A home is for living in and our custom designed homes are inspiring living spaces.

For an inspirational home, you should consider the custom design services at Design & Construct Residential, where we have the broad knowledge to ensure that you gain not only attractive designs but an architectural approach which is practical for day to day living while simultaneously keeping construction costs as reasonable as possible.

Read on to see how Design & Construct Residential can deliver the home of your dreams: a custom home that is unique and yet practical and long-lasting.


What is a custom build home?

Building a new home is a big investment and the focus is usually placed on minimising costs every step of the way to ensure that owning a new home is accessible to as many people as possible. The engineering and design behind even a simple home require careful consideration by experts who are highly trained.

To save money many homes are built from architectural designs and plans which are pre-prepared. The same design is built several times over and is often not even notionally adjusted to the needs and requirements of the family that will live in it. Instead, it is up to the family to adapt to the design.

Custom building design takes a different approach: each home is unique, designed from the ground up to reflect the needs and desires of the occupants. Yes, custom homes are more expensive but in the long run, a custom home will be a more valuable asset, not to mention a home that is much more desirable to live in.


Custom building design services

Design & Construct Residential can deliver custom building design services to match your vision of a home. We know that it is the unique qualities of your home that makes it special, so we work hard to create architectural designs that stand out from the crowd of new-built houses.

No matter the size or shape of your plot, Design & Construct Residential can design a home that maximises space, leaving you with a sensation of free and luxurious living. It all starts with an initial consultation where we consider your family’s needs and requirements, before producing a design for review.

At Design & Construct Residential we can also help you cross all regulatory hurdles to ensure that your custom design home is approved without any hassle. Design & Construct Residential has an extensive roster of builders and we will help you put your home build contract out to tender, selecting only the most qualified builders.


Architectural design and drafting

Our team uses cutting-edge design software including ArchiCAD 18 to deliver fully dimensioned plans which are build-ready. In doing so we can closely simulate what your home will look like once it is completed so that you have a real feel for the custom design you are investing in.

Seeing your home design evolve in 3D is one of the most exciting parts of the new home process and we can show you how different building materials create a different feel for a home. Would you like a beachside, relaxed feel for your home? We can add reverse brick veneer walls with limestone or weatherboard effects to your design – and you can inspect it on the fly.


Interior Design

Getting the most out of your custom home means getting the interior right too. Thinking about interior design questions early on is advisable because much of how you experience your new home depends on small details.

At Design & Construct Residential we have an interior design team that has worked on some spectacular projects. We can help you with every interior design detail including material selection through to small details such as lighting features. Hiring Design & Construct Residential means that you combine highly-qualified architects with creative interior designers to ensure that your home is truly unique.


Regulation and approval

Custom home designs need to go through a building approval process on an individual basis, unlike copy-cat display homes. At Design & Construct Residential we know in the ins and outs of building approval and will always be aware that we need to design a home which is unlikely to face any approval hurdles in the first instance.

In achieving approval your new home must pass Western Australia’s residential design codes (also known as r-codes) while simultaneously passing any local planning regulations which are put in place by your local council. Design & Construct Residential can expertly deal with all types of building regulations, both state-wide and local.

Tender for building

You want your new home to be built with the same love, care, and craftsmanship with which we designed it. Yet at the same time, we know you want to keep the costs of constructing your home as reasonable as possible.

The plans we provide will be clear and easy to understand, making the tender process easier and faster. Design & Construct Residential has a large roster of builders which we have relied on for years and who we will consult for competitive quotes – ensuring your custom home is built on time, and on budget.


Specialist design work

Some home design projects are simply out of the ordinary, facing unique challenges that are hard to overcome without the requisite custom home design background and experience. Design & Construct Residential has worked on countless challenging projects and there is almost no design requirement or plot shape, size or aspect that we have not dealt with – and turned into a unique characteristic of your home.


Narrow lots

Space is at a premium in Perth and narrow lots offer unique challenges. At Design & Construct Residential we can help you get the most out of the space that you have available to you. With a narrow lot you should attempt to maximise a sense of space using attractive open-plan designs that deliver a lot of light.

Narrow blocks also benefit from high ceilings and – needless to say – multiple stories. We will also help you design a way to maintain garage space on a narrow block while minimising wasted space such as hallways which do not offer any utility.


Sloping blocks

While difficult to design for, a sloping block offers unique opportunities to make your home truly stand out. Design & Construct Residential can assist with designs that maximise the space on sloping blocks by, for example, cutting and filling along the slope or by making use of stilts lower down the block.

At the same time, we will ensure that you make the best use of light available on your sloping block, obtaining the best views possible throughout your home as views are often one of the biggest advantages of a sloping block.


Upstairs living

Whether you have a sloping block or a plot that is flat Design & Construct Residential can ensure that you maximise views and minimise privacy concerns by designing a custom home with an upstairs living area. For many homes, an upstairs living area offers advantages over the usual arrangement of living areas downstairs and bedrooms downstairs.

Upstairs living requires careful design thinking and Design & Construct Residential has the expertise to ensure a practical upstairs living area that passes planning approval without a hitch even where tricky aspects such as “overlooking issues” have a chance to trip matters up.


Heritage homes

Though Design & Construct Residential has drafted many modern homes we appreciate that not everyone wants a sleek, contemporary house. For customers who prefer a more classic look, we offer a heritage home design service that creates a warm, relaxed feel.

Heritage homes can struggle to stand out but the insightful architects at Design & Construct Residential can draft plans for a heritage home that is truly unique while retaining the warm features that makes classic design such a popular choice for residences.


Our Residential process

Designing and building a custom family home is an extensive process, much more intensive than building a display home. Design & Construct Residential can ensure that your newly built, custom home is built without a hitch, and without exceeding your budget.

It all starts with an initial consultation where we offer you specific advice based on your vision for your home while taking into account building and regulatory realities. Next, we start with a blank page and develop an architectural design, going through several rounds of refinement to ensure that you are overawed by the result.

Design & Construct Residential will then submit designs in a development application. With our knowledge of regulatory requirements, we can ensure that the design you settled on is approved with minimal fuss.

Finally, Design & Construct Residential will put your plans out to tender with our range of award winning MBA & HIA Builders. You can leave it to us to analyse the tender responses, prices and to recommend the builder best suited to your project.

Why Choose Us?

You can be confident that you can trust Design & Construct Residential with your custom home project. At Design & Construct Residential we have the breadth and depth of experience to work with even the most demanding of briefs and the ability to optimise even the toughest of spaces.

We uniquely understand every aspect of the design and build process. Our services do not end when we hand over designs, we can help you get approval for the plans of your dreams and also ensure that you get the right builder that will execute these plans correctly, on time and within the budget you set.

Our Director, Tom Brownbill, has been building luxury homes for over 30 years and was recognised as the youngest Fellow of the Real Estate Institute of Australia. Tom qualified as a member of HIA and MBA back in 1985. Over the decades he has been involved in a mix of projects, from apartments in East Perth through to homes in Mindarie and Mandurah’s canal blocks.

In essence, Design & Construct Residential will design a home that is unique to you while doing everything it can to take the hassle and fuss out of the home building process, every step of the way. Simply contact us for a free first consultation.


With a self contained guest wing this large multi-zoned home was perfect for this family with teenage boys and their friends.



Front and rear ocean glimpses perfectly complement this project whilst maintaining our clients' much loved feel of this neighbourhood.


City Beach 1

Our clients were absolutely thrilled with the design aspects and the quality of the finish of their home at hand over.

City Beach 1

Floreat II

A timeless and modern architecturally designed home.

Floreat II

Perry Lakes

Perry Lakes


A stunning design built to maximise the views on offer.



This design perfectly combines individual living spaces with large, inviting open areas.



The top floor entertaining space allows this unique design to take in the beautiful surrounds.