When designing your double storey home, it’s important to have a designer on board who can take your ideas and turn them into a reality. But what should you look for when it comes to finding the perfect designer in Perth?

Understanding your requirements

One of the main reasons people build a home rather than purchasing an established property is so they can design a space that suits them. The designer for you is one who is dedicated to helping you through the design development process with a strong understanding of your unique requirements and realising them. Your designer will be able to organise your property into appropriate zones to suit your lifestyle, with specific areas for guests, children or young adults, common family areas and the ideal master suite. With this in mind, everyone can enjoy an element of privacy and comfort as well as family living. Your perfect designer will be able to ensure you end up with a property that 100 per cent works for you.

Understanding Perth

Your designer must be an expert in designing property to suit Perth’s unique landscape and weather conditions. They’ll be able to assist you to maximise the view from your double storey home and get the most out of your living space to appreciate more of your surroundings every day. Your designer can assist you to maximise the solar aspects of the property ensuring windows face the right direction, certain rooms get the morning or afternoon sun to provide you with a home you can feel completely comfortable in from sun up to sun down all year round.

Maximising your block

With Perth city growing at an ever increasing rate, it’s no wonder that blocks are getting smaller and narrower. Hiring a professional will help you to make the most of the land you have, building up instead of building out. Your designer will be able to assess your land and design a home that suits your needs and maximises the block so you get the most of every square metre you own. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor living or a combination of both, your designer will help you to enjoy a better lifestyle where you live.

A home uniquely you

When you drive past a housing estate, what you tend to notice is all the houses in a row, that all look pretty much the same in structure and design. Your designer provides you with a one of a kind, timeless and luxury design. A house people will drive past and marvel at its innovation, but most importantly, a home that reflects your style and character.

The Design & Construct Residential Difference

Design & Construct Residential specialise in unique double storey homes that provide you with the creature comforts and style you desire. With more than 30 years building experience and a vision for luxury homes, Design & Construct’s design development team will assess your needs and fully realise your vision in creating your luxurious home. They’ll also assist you through the development phase of your property to ensure a smooth building process and deliver you a home you’ll truly love for years to come.

Contact Design & Construct Residential today on 0418 911 869 to contract the services of a skilled designer for your next double storey home in Perth.