Finally, at last we are underway, after much negotiating with the Town of Cottesloe we received the Development Approval and go ahead for the construction of our smart side by side homes being built on an old duplex block in Cottesloe. This is an excellent example of how homeowners can combine and capitalise on a demolish and rebuild site.

With both the old duplexes reaching their end of life with high maintenance and inefficient design, our clients decided to rebuild with two brand new, luxury homes that not only complemented each other but demonstrated a difference of individuality and still blended with the neighbours

Our clients required that the homes be designed with a feeling of space and volume with sufficient sun and light to emphasise a bright airy atmosphere to the homes.

The Design & Construct team achieved this by designing the homes with extra high ceilings and of course maximising the Northern winters sun through the larger windows.

The clients were both young professionals who did not require a cavernous home but an efficient design, well zoned and easy to maintain, as they travelled extensively and required that lock up and leave aspect to their homes.

Outside entertainment was an important requirement and we have incorporated a seamless connection between living area and outside BBQ zone with all its amenities.

Swimming Pools were not a consideration for either home, as they are close by the beach and no maintenance or running costs required.

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