Stairs, apart from a practical application, can be the catalyst for creating the mood of the home.

Some clients require a Grand Entrance with a more formal open Lobby and sweeping stairs up to the upper floor. Others prefer stairs tucked away in the middle of the home which offers more privacy and does not require having to walk through formal areas to access upstairs bedrooms and living from the kitchen with that cup of tea.

Open tread stairs are popular particularly with a central core support, which really give off a feeling of space with floating steps and natural timber treads with a clear finish can add to that casual ambience.

A lift can create an opportunity to have the stairs winding around the lift carriageway especially if the lift is glass encased. It can look stunning particularly if there is a spectacular view awaiting you on the upper floor.

Storage space can be a big plus with the more traditional stairs – don’t forget how handy that area is under the stairs for suitcases, vacuum cleaners, boxes and the like, or for the more creative, a wine cellar ideally placed in the centre of the home.

We have included some examples for you to consider. Whatever type of stairs you prefer Design and Construct Residential can incorporate the stairs to suit your lifestyle.