A well designed pool can add considerable value to your home, well above the cost of the installation. The advantage of having your home designed from scratch by experts such as Design & Construct Residential is that the pool can be seamlessly integrated alongside the main living areas ensuring an aquatic and relaxing feel to the home.


We always design the pool positioning to take advantage of as much sun as possible especially for those shoulder months of late Spring and early Autumn giving you much longer use of the pool. It also has the advantage of cutting down on heating costs regardless of whether it is solar panel heated with pumps running continuously.

Although popular, we do not recommend having the pool hard up against the home. There are a number of reasons for this; water splashing onto windows can be an endless chore especially with young children and their “bombies”. And cleaning the windows and pool can prove difficult with restricted access unless you enjoy the Snorkel and Goggles method.

We recommend a perimeter of at least 1 meter if possible for ease of access and the necessity of having the pool engineered into the home’s foundations.

Other Considerations

Perth’s renowned sea breeze is a wonderful relief from those hot summer days but we must be mindful in our design process to ensure the family is not blown away and overly exposed to the “Doctor”. We take particular care with homes close to the coast or perhaps in a wind tunnel environment; each home is evaluated on its merits.

With homes we design in a Demolish & Build situation in the inner suburbs, our comprehensive and detailed Feature Survey ensures we have no conflicting entertaining areas with the neighbours ensuring a harmonious relationship.


Again, little features can make a big difference; a rock waterfall appropriately placed can create a wonderful sense of enjoyment, even during winter months with that special dinner party a well-lit pool with cascading water can add a special ambience.