There’s no denying double storey homes are becoming an increasingly popular choice in Perth. This is due to a variety of factors, not the least of which is the spectacular views we’re afforded in this part of the world with the ocean, river, valleys and city right on our doorstep.

This is exactly why, if you’re designing your own luxury double storey home, you want your living areas to be upstairs to maximise your views and your lifestyle potential.

Maximise the view

The number one reason people build double storey homes is to fully appreciate the spectacular view of where they live in this beautiful part of the world. Whether it’s an ocean view, river view, valley view or city view, your living area is the best place to maximise the view from your second level. Traditionally double storey homes seemed to have the bedrooms upstairs, and while it’s wonderful to wake up to a view, wouldn’t it be better to actually enjoy it all day long?

Having an open plan living and dining area upstairs with floor to ceiling glass windows will allow you to see more of your view from every angle at any time of day. Your upstairs living and dining area also allows for a seamless flow from indoor to outdoor living extended onto your balcony area. This improves your lifestyle by providing you the option to enjoy what Perth has to offer throughout the seasons, with summers on the balcony and winters behind the comfort of double glazed windows.

Taking advantage of solar energy

Have you ever found that in a traditional double storey or single storey home your lounge room becomes an icebox throughout winter? This is often due to garden vegetation and walls shading the lower levels so there’s not enough light getting in to provide any kind of sufficient warmth to the room. This means you have to rely on expensive heating systems just to be comfortable in your own home throughout winter.

By moving your living room and dining area upstairs, your home will soak up more sunshine, without exposing you to the elements, meaning your home will be more energy efficient and get the full benefits of the sun during the chilly winter months. Your architect can assist you with correct window placement and double glazing to help you maximise this efficiency.

Install a lift for longer lasting value

Stairs can be limiting, carrying heavy loads of shopping upstairs and especially as people get older and less mobile. Including a lift in your double storey home design can allow easy access to your living and dining area, add value to your home and also enable you to continue to enjoy your view for years to come without the fear of mobility issues limiting your use of the space. With the popularity of double storey homes in Perth the costs of lift installation has definitely reduced in recent years, and in the end, the value that you’ll add to your home should you sell it on, will be ample compensation for the initial outlay.

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